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Gifts from Sandy

I hope everyone is faring better from the effects of Hurricane Sandy as time passes. My neighborhood is slowly making progress. Dry wall, insulation, and sofas, all heavy with water, are being loaded into dumpsters. Downed limbs are being trimmed more »

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A Conifer Carol

With no refuge from the driving snow, freezing temperatures, and drying winds of winter, how do conifers, like pine trees, spruces, and hemlocks, manage to survive and even thrive? Join Kelly Rypkema by the fireside as she considers this question more »

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Hurricane Irene in New York

New York City experienced a rare weather event this weekend as Hurricane Irene swept the East Coast. Host Kelly Rypkema shares her personal observations and round-the-clock footage of the storm’s effects on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  

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Manhattan becomes a Stonehenge of sorts on two special occasions each year. Host Kelly Rypkema points out when and where to catch the sun in this celestial light show.

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