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Spidey’s Tighty Whities

True Believers! Once again, Kelly Rypkema, our unabashed advocate for nature, jumps boldly into the wilds of New York. In today’s episode, Kelly tests the superhero strength of spider silk and shares the answer to one of life’s greatest questions. more »

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Take the Spider Web Challenge

I wasn’t kidding when I filmed this spider episode. Go out there, find a spider web and see if you can find out which silk fibers are sticky and which are not. (Adults, I’m talking to you too. Why should more »

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Why don’t spiders stick to their own webs?

Is the thought of walking face first into a spider web enough to make you scream? In this episode of Nature in a New York Minute, biologist Kelly Rypkema shares a little experiment to help you face your inner demons more »

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How to Build a Web Site – Nature Minute style

One lucky Autumn morning, I awoke to find this Argiope spider gracefully spinning the sticky part of her web. In the process, she might thrust her legs on that sticky silk more than 1000 times…. So why don’t spiders stick more »

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Video: Cicadas – Tiny Tymbals, Big Sound

Have you ever wanted to ask Cicadas why they’re so loud, but thought it would be Brood 2 ask? Biologist Kelly Rypkema ventures into the thick of the 2013 appearance of Periodical Cicadas to answer the questions of why, who, more »

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When Wildlife Moves In – a Modern Parable

by Michele Dudas, PSQ Naturalist Interpreter I awoke to the faintest scritching sound (you know, not quite a scratching sound…something much more quiet and tentative), in my bedroom one night. When I was fully awake, I stayed very still in more »

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Living Fossils Go to Town on NYC Beaches

New Yorkers, if you go to the beach tonight, you might witness some hanky-panky involving a lot of grabbing and intertwined…carapaces? Of course you know I mean spawning horseshoe crabs. Every May and June, during high tide around the new more »

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Ask the Naturalist: Why do Hummingbirds Like Sapsuckers? A Nature Minute Video

If one species of animal can love another, then surely hummingbirds love sapsuckers. Find out why in this short video annotation. And see our episode: “Woodpeckers leave their mark on NYC” for the full story.

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Who stole the Sap?

Which animal looks like a thief to you? Animals aren’t necessarily polite when it comes to getting food, and they have been known to steal from each other. In next week’s episode about Sapsuckers (a type of woodpecker), we caught more »

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Fruit Flies: The Reckoning

With fruit flies committing public acts of mating and rampant fly-bies on a daily basis, Kelly Rypkema knows it’s time to take a stand against the population setting up house in her kitchen. Armed with knowledge of fruit fly behavior more »

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